COSI After Dark Volunteer (click for details)


COSI After Dark volunteers will work alongside COSI team members to engage our guests in a learning adventure as they explore the different activities based on the theme of the night at COSI. Volunteers will support COSI through informal and interactive conversations with guests that inspire curiosity, learning and action. These hands-on experiences educate and excite guests by introducing them to information that is consistent with the night’s theme.

Duties & Responsibilities

A. NO prior science experience or knowledge required
B. Enthusiasm for learning and willingness to engage with guests of all ages and learning levels to share in the wonder of space
C. Strong desire to educate and work with public
D. Highly flexible and versatile when responding to the needs of COSI and guests
E. Capacity to work on a team and independently
F. Must be 21 or over

On-the-job training by staff and experienced volunteers, formal group trainings and enrichment

Volunteer at 3 COSI After Darks and get a ticket for yourself and a guest (21 or over) to attend at the CAD of your choice!


  • Hours: Minimum of 3 COSI After Dark shifts in a 6 month period

    5:30 pm - 10 pm (with a break)
  • Posted: Friday, June 28, 2019