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NEW! Surgical Suite: Sports Medicine *

Experience a sports medicine surgery LIVE from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, OH. Join the Operating Room team as they perform one of several surgeries to repair a(n) ACL, MCL, Rotator cuff, ankle or hand. When the injury occurs, the surgery often needs to happen now! Discover what surgery you will view as we connect live to the hospital. Get the inside view from the arthroscopic video feed to back table as your students ask questions to the surgeon and OR team.

With the included kit of materials, you can extend the discussion beyond the videoconference. Activities include:

  • $1000 Egg Drop: Conduct experiments using your smart phone to test how padding changes the amount of force applied to an object.
  • Bend and Snap: Test your own flexibility as you learn real world kinesiology techniques.
  • Sprains and Strains: Learn the proper techniques to wrap some of the most common injury areas and experience what a proper wrap should support.
  • Simulated surgery: Build and conduct a simulation of an arthroscopic surgery to get a real world feel of the challenges of working in delicate environments.
  • Pain Medication Case Study: Research the dangers of pain medication addiction and apply your findings to a challenging case study.


  • Run Time: 90 mins

Academic Standards

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  • Pricing & Details

    Connecting to COSI digitally includes a test connection and one kit of program materials for 30 students (additional kits may be purchased for $105 each)
    Kit activities include: building a knee joint, diagnostic x-rays, treatment options, knot tying, sterile field

    Premium Interactive Videoconference
    $325 per connection – includes the opportunity to ask the surgeon questions live during the round robin question periods and your choice to connect through Zoom or with an H.323 videoconferencing codec.

    “View Only” Videoconference
    $285 per connection – does not include an opportunity for questions and sites must connect online through Zoom.

    Coming to COSI – Please call the COSI call center at 614.228.2674 to make your reservation.

    $16 per person - groups of 12 or more - includes COSI admission and program materials for your entire group

    Included Kit

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      Available for viewing in a theater at COSI

      Reservation for the 2019-2020 school year are now open! Please call 614-228-2674 to speak with a Call Center Team Member and make your reservations. Possible dates are listed below. Actual availability may vary.

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