You Become the Pharmacist

Changes to “You Become the Pharmacist” page In this challenging case study, students determine whether to fill a patient’s prescription while considering the opioid misuse epidemic plaguing the United States. Take on the role of pharmacist as you counsel the patient with the advice of an Ohio State University College of Pharmacy student. Students explore pharmacy career opportunities in hospital and community settings.

With the included kit of materials, you can extend the discussion beyond the videoconference. Activities include:

  • Drug Label Error: Practice translating prescription sig code and finding errors between written prescriptions and their corresponding prescription labels.
  • Topical Compound: Practice making and dispensing a compounded topical product and the complete the calculations associated with the process.
  • Capsule: Practice making and dispensing a compounded capsule product and the complete the calculations associated with the process.


  • Run Time: 60 Minutes

Academic Standards

  • Science Inquiry and Application
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    Included Kit

    Teachers will be sent a kit of materials prior to the program. In the kit, teachers will find all the hands-on materials needed during the program. Additional kits for this program are not available.

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