Try-It Together Workshops - Offsite

COSI’s Try-It Together Workshops invite early learners (ages 2-6) and their favorite adult to work through engaging STEM activities together. Young learners will become a scientist as they explore, measure, build, program, create, test, question, and learn. Each workshop will present a new career and topic for adults and learners to explore together. The workshop includes small demos, and hands-on activities to complete together.

Each session is one hour, and can accommodate a maximum of 30 participants. Try-It Together Workshops are workshops that are brought to your library or community center that encourage creativity, cooperation, and critical thinking as we work together to solve problems, test ideas, ask questions, and learn more about our world!

$209/per session

Reserve Program

Design, build, test, and redesign! Engineers use energy, math, and science to solve problems as they design the roads, bridges, buildings, and schools we see every day! Together we’ll start by exploring the energy around us – at work whenever something lights up, makes noise, or moves – and how it flows through circuits. Then, you will help your little learner become and engineer and build sky-high topple towers, energize light bulbs and fans, test out rolling ramps, and even program real robots to complete a challenge!
Human Body
Explore body awareness, nutrition, and health in this energizing hands-on program! Together we will examine the ways that our bodies move and work – both inside and out. Then, your learner will see what it’s like to become a physician themselves as you both encounter the science behind the incredible human body! You’ll assemble real X-rays into a human skeletal system, measure your active heart rate, explore balance, test your senses, and learn through play using real medical tools!
Force and Motion
Together we will investigate the science behind gravity, magnetism, and chemical reactions! We’ll explore force – the “push and pull” that power our world – to build ramps, “fish” for magnets, and send corks flying. Then your learner become a scientist as you build gravity-powered magnetic marble courses, put torque to the test using real tools, build with magnetic blocks, launch film canisters, and much more! It’s a fizzing, popping, twisting, turning, pushing, pulling scientific experience!
In this wild hands-on program, you’ll both encounter habitats, adaptations, and the science behind what all living things need as you meet and touch some of COSI’s real animals! Then, explore together as your learner becomes a zoologist and examine real animal furs, construct your own paw print “animal trails,” view real animal X-rays, and get up close and personal with living worms! Best of all, you can both build a healthy habitat around a real, living reptile and watch her explore her new home!
Rain or shine, weather is science at work! What ingredients does it take to bring a storm to life? In this hands-on workshop, your learner will become a meteorologist to find out. Together you’ll see how scientists measure rainfall, examine temperature with real ice spheres, use patterns to create musical sound storms, and even make real clouds right in the classroom. And – even though we can’t see wind – you’ll both see the amazing things it can do in our five-foot tall standing wind tube!
Dig into discovery and explore a paleontology research station! Using comparative anatomy, we’ll explore how prehistoric creatures might’ve lived. Together you’ll explore the differences between dinosaur’s eggs, feel the different types of feather they would have had, build your own dinosaur skeleton, explore the different food they would eat and compare the size of your body with some of the most popular dinosaurs discovered!