Ask the Chief Scientist: All About Space

Astrophysicist and COSI's Chief Scientist Paul Sutter takes you on an interactive tour of the universe, answering all your questions from black holes to alien worlds. These programs are learner led based on questions from your students.

Program topics are listed below. Choose the appropriate topic for your grade level and curriculum, and click to view COSI’s availability. Submit a request form and a COSI representative will contact you to schedule your program.

The Solar System (Grades 5-8):
Let's explore the solar system as Dr. Sutter guides students through the planets, asteroids, moons, and more. Students can ask about particular objects, distances, scales, and space travel. Big question: Which planet or moon should we explore next?
The Sun & Stars (Grades 9-12):
The sun is the most important star to us here on Earth, but it is just one amongst hundreds of billions in the galaxy. Students will have the chance to pick Dr. Sutter's brain on how the sun works, how stars are born, and how they die. Big question: How do we learn about how the sun works, even though we can't see inside of it?
Black Holes & Gravity (Grades 5-8):
How do black holes form? What would it be like to fall into one? How do we understand how gravity works? Dr. Sutter will take these questions and more from students!
Big question: How do we learn about black holes even though the nearest one is far, far away?
The Big Bang & The Universe (Grades 9-12):
13.8 billion years ago, the entire universe was the size of a peach and had a temperature greater than a trillion degrees. What evidence do we have for the Big Bang, and what is our modern understanding of cosmology? Dr. Sutter takes on the Big Questions from students.
Big question: How do you think scientists are able to measure such incredible distances in the universe?
The Search for ET (Grades 5-8):
Life appeared here on Earth, but we see no evidence for it anywhere else. Dr. Sutter will chat with students about the requirements for life and the technology we're developing to hunt for Earth-like planets in other solar systems. Big question: What do you think creatures on another planets might look like, and why?
Careers in STEM (Grades 9-12):
What's the value of a STEM education? What's it like to have a career in astrophysics? Just what is astrophysics, anyway? Your students are curious about possible career paths, and Dr. Sutter can help. Big question: What do you think a job in a STEM field looks like, and why?


  • Run Time: 60 Minutes

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