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Hallway Exhibitions

In 2012, COSI initiated an effort to improve the visual appeal and experience of our hallways and circulation spaces. With limited funding, we developed a combination of temporary experiences, painting, and permanent exhibit acquisitions. An effort was made to include content that would appeal to adults as well as family groups. The new experiences are planned with a nod to our permanent exhibit areas and grouped in collections as opposed to singular exhibits.

From gorgeous photography to thought-provoking collections, enjoy these free, limited-engagement displays on your next visit.

Check out these additions during your next visit:

Michelle Stitzlein's

Michelle Stitzlein's "Moth Series"

Michelle Stitzlein has been creating sculpture with recycled materials as a full-time artist since 2000 in her Baltimore, OH, studio. Her work has been shown in art and craft museums nationally. The “Moth Series,” was inspired by moths in her backyard and the premise that recycled materials have the capacity to metamorphose into larger objects of great beauty.

Scioto Greenways

Scioto Greenways

The large wall mural on Level 2 communicates the Scioto Greenways project happening on the river including removal of the Main Street Dam, improvement of the ecological systems and river habitat, and creation of a stunning 33-acre greenway through Downtown. Additionally, 2 new interactive exhibits on Level 1 – Dirty Water Fountain and Outmuscle the Mussel – help to educate the public about river ecology.

Secrets of Circles

Secrets of Circles

What do a bagel, a ball, and a banana all have in common? If you slice them through the center, you’ll always find a circle. Circles are everywhere. Explore how they are made, how useful they are, and where they are found all around the world.

Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life In The Wild

Thomas D. Mangelsen: A Life In The Wild

A LIFE IN THE WILD is an exhibition containing 40 of Mangelsen’s most resonant images—images that take viewers on a journey into the haunts of iconic species whose struggles for survival are metaphorical fulcrums for reflection in the 21st century.

Every single image in Mangelsen’s portfolio has been taken in the wild under natural conditions; the result of him waiting for the “picture perfect moment” across decades and often in hostile conditions. Such a body of work can only be achieved by having a heightened sense of animal behavior, an uncanny feel for being able to read changing atmospherics in the environment, and patience.

THOMAS D. MANGELSEN – A LIFE IN THE WILD, Produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C.

Light In The Forest, 1998 © Thomas D. Mangelsen
Eyes of The Grizzly, 2011 © Thomas D. Mangelsen

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