Today’s teens stand poised as the next generation of leaders and innovators. With COSI as an accessible learning resource, local teens can begin to develop the skills they’ll need to participate in a scientifically literate society, meeting the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century and thriving individually through academic and professional success.

Since our opening in 1964, teen volunteers have been an integral part of the COSI experience. Over fifty years later, we continue to value and celebrate their unique contributions, while providing them with informal learning opportunities that inspire excitement about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) topics and careers. COSI’s mentor-led Career Ladder volunteer program allows youth aged 12-18 to develop 21st Century Skills, acting as full members of the COSI team and interacting with COSI guests. Immersed in this real-world work environment, students develop leadership, communication, and teamwork skills, while taking on progressive levels of responsibility as they evolve into job-ready teens. By offering real world skill development experiences, COSI helps build a pipeline of talent toward a viable local workforce for the long term benefit of central Ohio.

In the month of June, COSI youth volunteers will contribute 4,000 hours of service. We invite you to join our match campaign to raise $4,000 in support of the Career Ladder program. Please consider making a contribution in honor of the countless contributions they have made to COSI.



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