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Written by Paul Sutter on Monday, 07 August 2017. Posted in From The Desk of...The Chief Scientist

Most people aren't scientists, at least in the very strict sense of active researchers. But most people are curious about what scientists have discovered. That's great! Too bad scientists themselves have very little incentive to actually reach out and engage with the public.

The problem, as usual, is lack of time and money. Faculty at a university are tasked with 1) getting grants, 2) writing papers, 3) advising & mentoring, and 4) teaching. There's a large gap between 2) and 3) in the priority list, and Grand Canyon between 3) and 4).

When faculty do reach out to the community, it's usually on their own time and with their dime. They're typically not rewarded for it within their university; they do it because it's fun.

And that's where COSI comes in. COSI itself isn't a scientific institution, but it is a part of the scientific community, fulfilling a desperate need to share, communicate, and disseminate science. COSI team members play a vital role: educating and bringing science to the public, so that the public can enjoy and continue to support science itself.

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Paul Sutter

Paul Sutter

Paul Sutter is COSI's Chief Scientist. He is an astrophysicist and offers a wealth of knowledge about our universe. In addition to his COSI position, Paul Sutter is a Cosmological Researcher and Community Outreach Coordinator at The Ohio State University's Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP).