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COSI is an integral part of our learning ecosystem, which includes in-school, at-home, and community-based education. The COSI Education Division strives to enrich this ecosystem by inspiring interest in STEM and creating learning progressions for young people that connect and deepen STEM experiences over time. COSI offers a rich array of curriculum enhancing programs, connections with STEM content and partners, and COSI’s unique informal education expertise gained through 50+ years of passion for student success.

Each education program offered through COSI is designed to align with standards and connect to your learning objectives. As your partner in education, COSI assists in combining programs for customized experiences to best support your goals. Packages are offered for all grade levels and include a wide range of science topics. COSI features educators who are dedicated to creating experiences that spark curiosity in learners of all ages.

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The Experience at COSI


Homeschool Workshops offer a new depth of hands-on science experiences for educators and learners to better understand real and relevant science concepts. Learn more.

The Experience Comes To You


Connect students with scientists, doctors, and experts in their fields through a LIVE, two-way video experience that immerses viewers in real science—in real time. Learn more.


A Midwest school tradition since 1982, COSI On Wheels introduces dynamic science topics to your entire school with a high-energy, 45-minute assembly followed by a day of hands-on activities that enhance science-inquiry skills. Learn more.


Featuring colorful hands-on kiosks, Science Spot traveling exhibitions provide perfect pop-up opportunities for learners of all ages to play, explore, and learn science together at any school or community event. Learn more.

Early Childhood Education


Early Childhood Outreach programs engage preschool learners in hands-on science exploration with developmentally appropriate themes and interactive experiments that connect to children’s literature. Learn more.


Young children can safely climb, slide, build, splash, imagine, and pretend in little kidspace at COSI. Designed by early childhood education experts, little kidspace promotes learning in a colorful and engaging atmosphere for little hands and growing minds. Learn more.