The new COSI Planetarium—the largest in Ohio—features state-of-the-art digital technology that offers an unsurpassed glimpse of our incredible universe. The COSI Planetarium’s new Digistar 5 projection system and 60-foot dome will transport you to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, to undersea volcanoes and distant lands, and even into the human body. For all who wonder, who question, who dream, your window to the universe is now open at COSI.

Subtitling is offered in COSI’s Planetarium for One World One Sky and Magic Tree House: Space Mission. No special reservations or advance notice is required, simply notify the Planetarium usher that you would like the subtitled version of show as you hand them your ticket. If you are planning a visit as a group you can make this request in advance.

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Starry Nights Live

Starry Night Live

This live show explores what can be seen in the sky tonight in central Ohio. Discover the current stars, constellations, planets, and deep sky objects that fill the starry night.
Best for ages 7+ | Running time: Approximately 22 minutes.

Apr 2 - Sept 3: 12:15pm | 3:15pm

Life: A Cosmic Story

Life: A Cosmic Story

Life: A Cosmic Story tells the 14-billion-year saga of how we came to be. It's a journey from the microscopic view inside a plant cell to the vastness of our universe populated by billions of galaxies swirling in space. How did life on Earth begin? This tantalizing question forms the basis of this magnificent production. Recommended for ages 7+. Running time: Approximately 28 minutes.

May 24 - Sept 3: 1:15pm | 4:15pm

Jr. Star Safari 2: Down Under

Jr. Star Safari: Down Under

Discover the animals in the southern night sky. Families with young children will enjoy this engaging and interactive live astronomy show, led by a COSI Star Safari Guide along with the help of Hercules to find animals in the night sky. This show created by COSI especially for early learners, features beautiful animal drawings, real-animal footage from The Columbus Zoo and a tour of the night sky across COSI’s 60-foot dome. No need to be quiet on this safari, the animals won’t mind a few oohs, aaahs and shout-outs from the audience as they discover the beauty and wonder of the stars. Recommended for ages 3-8. Running time: Approximately 22 minutes.

May 24 - Sept 3: 11:15am | 2:15pm

Deep Space

Deep Space Q&A
with COSI Chief Scientist and Astrophysicist: Dr. Paul Sutter

This live show lets you ask COSI’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Paul Sutter, your favorite questions about science and the universe in a dynamic Q&A format. You direct the show as the 60-foot dome in COSI’s Planetarium showcases visuals that help answer your deep questions.
Recommended for all ages | Show length: approximately 30 minutes.

Jun 14, July 12, Aug 9 - 8:30pm (COSI After Dark 21+)

Teacher's Choice Show

Teacher's Choice Show

See the shows of your choice during your field trip or group visit, including Cell! Cell! Cell!, Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity, Our Solar System, Back to the Moon for Good, Wildest Weather in the Solar System, One World One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure, and Our Universe Above. Learn More

Daily: 9:00am | 9:15am | 9:30am | 9:45am

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Host your wedding, party, or private event under swirling galaxies and spectacular starscapes, no matter what the weather outside. The COSI Planetarium is available for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and family reunions, and offers customized starshows and seating for over 200 guests. For private rentals, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For birthday parties, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..