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In Depth: Kidney Transplant

Get an inside look at organ donation! View the surgeon’s perspective in both the donor and recipient surgeries. These videos will feature pre-recorded narration from a doctor from The Ohio State University Comprehensive Transplant Center. Next, speak live with an organ donor about their personal experience. Hear their story, then ask questions about the donation process. Finish with a look into careers in the organ transplant field.

SPECIAL NOTE! Changes from previous version of this program: this program will no longer include live narration from a medical professional. The program length is now 60 minutes. The program fee is now $225. The kit of materials remain unchanged. This program is no longer available for viewing at COSI.

With the included kit of materials, you can extend the discussion beyond the videoconference. Activities include:

  • Blood Typing: Perform a simulated blood typing test in order to find a possible donor kidney for a patient in need.
  • Kidney Dialysis: Construct a simulated dialysis machine to understand its function, and by extension, the function of the kidney and experience the impact dialysis can have on everyday life.
  • Sew What?: Use needle and suture to simulate suturing techniques on synthetic tissue.
  • Who Gets the Kidney?: Analyze key determinants in deciding which patient receives an available kidney and defend your choices.


  • Run Time: 60 Minutes

Pricing & Details

Connecting to COSI digitally – includes a test connection and one kit of program materials for 30 students (additional kits may be purchased for $105 each)
Kit activities include: dialysis, blood typing, suturing, transplant coordinator challenge, ethical discussion prompts

Premium Interactive Videoconference
$225 per connection – includes the opportunity to ask questions live during the round robin question periods and your choice to connect through Zoom or with an H.323 videoconferencing codec.

Premium Interactive Videoconferencing

$295.00 (Includes one kit of program materials.)


  • Need videoconferencing equipment (Tandberg, Polycom, H.323 Videoconferencing Codec) .
  • View a recorded kidney transplant surgery.
  • Ask questions of a transplant team member during the round robin question periods.
  • Test connection prior to the program.
  • Kit of materials included for 30 students (Additional kits may be purchased for $105.00 each).

What's Included?


  • View a recorded kidney transplant surgery.
  • Ask questions of a transplant team member during the round robin question periods.

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